Who To Follow In The SEO Space

At Content Lab, our primary goal is generating top-quality iGaming content that also fulfils SEO objectives and delivers high-ranking writing for Google and other search engines. We have garnered extensive experience over more than a decade of involvement with online gambling-related digital marketing. However, this isn’t the only factor behind our first-rate approach to content. 

We started this blog with one main objective: spread our accumulated knowledge about key SEO principles and fundamental concepts to help readers optimise their content. Through doing so, we can also demonstrate our own expertise. Content Lab has proven value within the online gambling niche, with numerous happy clients and an insatiable appetite for top-tier iGaming writing. 

Nevertheless, we wouldn’t have been inspired to create such a blog without the influence of other SEO influencers and websites. Following these individuals or organisations is a fantastic eye-opener into the latest trends and guidance. It’s a crucial force behind generating the best copy possible, so it pays to know who to follow in the SEO space. 

The Content Lab blog is a great place to start, with a consistent stream of digital marketing and online gambling articles to help you learn the ropes and consider new ideas. But it’s not just us. Throughout this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most influential blogs and individuals to follow in the SEO space. Strap in and enjoy the ride! 

Why Follow SEO Influencers or Blogs?

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Learning who to follow in the SEO space is a great way to further your understanding of various digital marketing principles. Whether you’re a content manager at a copywriting agency or a freelance writer, there are tons of helpful people out there to keep tabs on nowadays. There are several factors behind why you should follow SEO influencers and blogs. These include: 

  • Understanding strategies to leverage or avoid based on real-life past experiences. 
  • Keeping on top of the latest developments within the SEO ecosystem. These can include algorithm changes or specific advances inside your particular niche. 
  • Being the first to know about unique tips or tactics that haven’t been used before. 
  • Generally understanding the shifting nature of how SEO works and where this leaves digital marketers in the pursuit of higher rankings. 
  • Monitoring the potentially seismic effect of new technology, primarily AI writing. We have a great investigation of AI vs human writing on our blog. Check it out for a comprehensive exploration of the current state of affairs.

These are the most important reasons why following the right SEO influencers and blogs can help, but they are by no means the only ones. 

Top 5 SEO Influencers 

You can use several platforms to find SEO influencers worth following. YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the main places, with a diverse cast of notable individuals spreading knowledge and updates on the changing digital marketing landscape. Here are our top five to follow: 

Aleyda Solis 

One of the most influential and successful worldwide SEO consultants, Aleyda Solis has a slew of accolades to her name, including the 2018 European Search Personality of the Year. She has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Google Partners Podcast, establishing her credentials as a leading voice of authority across the multi-faceted SEO world. 

Solis has over 100,000 followers on Twitter, passionately spreading knowledge and helping other experts reach new audiences. We highly recommend following this extremely insightful SEO influencer if you want advice on anything from AI to simple optimisation blueprints. 

John Mueller  

John Mueller (commonly known as John Mu) has worked for Google since 2007, amassing vital experience regarding how the search engine’s algorithm works and what the company is looking for as a whole. He is extremely active on Twitter, regularly answering questions and sharing updates. One such example was captured last year by Search Engine Roundtable, where Mu doubled down on the significance of valuable content and Google’s evolving algorithms. 

The successful SEO influencer also regularly uploads videos to the Google Search Central Youtube channel. This can be a great place to enjoy more dynamic and hands-on content. Mu is another essential individual to keep track of, often giving unique insights into how the Google Search Essentials guidelines are developing. 

Neil Patel

SEO experts don’t get much more praise than Neil Patel. The New York Times Bestselling author enjoys millions of active visitors to his blog and YouTube channel, where his goal is to “teach you one new marketing tactic each day”. Patel is a leading force within the SEO and digital marketing worlds, with a deep appreciation of how to generate the most leads and sales to global businesses. 

The Londoner has provided consultation services to multinational corporations, including Amazon, General Motors, Google, and Microsoft. Check the Neil Patel website for instant access to personalised tips on how to grow your SEO traffic. We’re big fans of this influencer, endeavouring to keep up-to-date with his latest teachings via Youtube and Twitter. 

Danny Sullivan 

A California native with an accurate eye for algorithms and how to manipulate them, Danny Sullivan is another useful individual for SEO knowledge, news, and tips. The Search Engine Watch founder was one of the first people to write about, at the time, embryonic concept in 1997. He has since gone on to play a vital role in Search Engine Land and became an official Google advisor in 2017. 

Sullivan has over half a million Twitter followers, where he expands on his love for Star Trek alongside abundant search engine marketing tips. We also find ourselves going back to an interview where the SEO guru explains his transition to Google and illuminates how the search engine rewards or punishes content.

Ann Smarty  

Ann Smarty is one of the most active Twitter SEO influencers, actively engaging with her 65,000+ followers about recent digital marketing topics and tips for success. The MyBlogU and Viral Content Bee founder has over a decade of experience dealing with digital marketing, using her passion for blogging to generate unprecedented success. 

We’re big fans of Smarty’s holistic approach to attracting leads and site visitors. She doesn’t only prioritise Google, with cheat sheets and advice for various social media platforms. Check the SEO Smarty website for a comprehensive array of recommendations for everything from WordPress to Instagram. Social media platforms increasingly impact digital marketing techniques, so following professionals in and around that niche is also one of our top priorities. 

Top 5 SEO Blogs To Know 

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Following individual SEO influences is a great way to get rapid information while scrolling Twitter or YouTube, but don’t let this distract all the attention from the array of brilliant blogs. These platforms give the most comprehensive and detailed deep dives into many search engine marketing aspects. Some of our favourite platforms include: 

Search Engine Land 

Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman launched Search Engine Land in 2006, an online publication covering all areas of search engine marketing, technology, and news. It has since grown into one of the most prestigious SEO blogs, renowned for being a leading voice on various strategies and tactics. 

Search Engine Land isn’t solely focused on SEO either. The website also has helpful sections for PPC advertising, webinars, and the latest white papers. This is one of the first places we look when searching for guidance. 

Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs is best known for its all-in-one SEO tool, but the blog is also an exceptionally useful place to learn about trailblazing digital marketing techniques and new updates. Dmitry Gerasimenko launched Ahrefs in 2010, originally focussing mainly on backlink authority analysis for websites and businesses. 

Nowadays, the company is a leader in its field. However, we feel you can gain even more value from the blog rather than the SEO tool itself. The dedicated Ahrefs Blog is full of listicle-type articles explaining a diverse array of potential topics within the digital marketing industry. These easily digestible posts are perfect for learning on the go and are suitable for all skill levels. 

Search Engine Journal 

Search Engine Journal is one of the oldest and most experienced SEO blogs currently operating, with a history stretching back to 2003. The platform has witnessed countless evolutions over the past two decades, granting an irreplaceable insight into how search engine algorithms change over long periods of time. 

Loren Baker established Search Engine Journal as a community-based platform from the offset. This puts it in a fairly unique position among SEO publications, generating a broad and inclusive array of content from online marketing experts from across the industry. As a result, readers get suggestions from various viewpoints, creating a holistic appreciation of digital marketing principles. 

Moz Blog

The Moz Blog is another publication born out of a popular SEO tool. Widely regarded as the first company of its kind, Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig launched Moz in 2004. It provides tools for everything from keyword analysis to link building, helping businesses achieve their SEO goals for almost two decades. 

We constantly check back to the Moz Blog to keep track of new techniques and digital marketing tips. There is so much content to learn from here, including daily SEO fixes and articles from highly regarded contributors, such as Dr Peter J. Meyers. 

Search Engine Roundtable 

Barry Schwartz launched Search Engine Roundtable at 23 years old in 2003, providing an indispensable knowledge source for the early SEO community. The publication has become a leading voice over the past two decades, imparting guidance and enlightenment on countless digital marketing aspects.  

Schwartz is still extremely active on Search Engine Roundtable, uploading articles daily on various topics. In our opinion, this is arguably the best platform for news on ultra-current developments. The posts regularly examine brand-new features. For example, Google’s camera search promo within mobile search results

How Content Lab Can Help You Fulfil Your Digital Marketing Goals 

Content Lab is perfectly placed to deliver on your digital marketing goals, especially within an iGaming industry we know inside and out. Our consistent exploration of SEO influencers and blogs means we can stay on top of the latest developments and consistently leverage new techniques to secure ever-higher rankings. 

Get in contact to see how we can help your business take the next step. Our expert team offers copywriting, SEO enhancement, proofreading, translation and many more services. If you’re looking for help, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

See You Next Time!

We hope our summary of who to follow in the SEO space helps you better understand where to find the best knowledge. Content Lab is determined to create our own reputable source of digital marketing information via our blog, so make sure you check back for more updates and tips to succeed. See you next time! 

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