What Are Google’s Most Popular Search Trends in 2024

Keyword research can give us insight on plenty of trends going on in the world. Naturally, the most popular search items on Google tell us about the current state of the market. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about which keywords are trending in 2024 and which websites have increased their ranking, check out this blog.

We’ve thoroughly analyzed the market and will present you with the most accurate and up-to-date information about Google search trends in 2024.

Google’s Most Popular Search Trends in 2024 Worldwide

First, let’s check out the worldwide numbers and the top 10 most searched terms on Google in 2024. Additionally, we’ll mention a few interesting keywords that made an appearance in the top 100.

# Search Terms Average monthly search volume Traffic Leader
1 youtube 336,261,050 youtube.com
2 facebook 229,238,150 facebook.com
3 pornhub 191,271,100 pornhub.com
4 weather 147,674,730 weather.com
5 amazon 147,138,380 amazon.com
6 translate 128,814,660 google.com
7 xvideos 113,608,060 xvideos.com
8 gmail 109,148,310 google.com
9 instagram 101,879,520 instagram.com
10 whatsapp web 100,712,230 whatsapp.com

Now, let’s see what this list tells us, as well as what other details of the top 100 list show.

YouTube Is Still the Leader

As you can see, “youtube” is the most searched keyword on Google in 2024 so far. Since YouTube was the leader in 2023, too, this is no surprise. In fact, the traffic for this keyword has increased by 7.5%, and we don’t see a reason why it will stop. Facebook is still in second place with a 6.3% increase for the keyword “facebook” but is still far behind the leader.

ChatGPT Is on the Rise

Everybody has been talking about ChatGPT in the past year. Likely, that’s the reason why this keyword went from 64th place (beginning of 2023) to 14th place (2024). This platform is still growing, and it’s likely we’ll see it break into the top 10 if its rise continues in this manner.

The Top 10 Is Dominated by Google

As you can see from the table above, most of the top 10 sites on Google lead back to Google-owned sites. YouTube keeps leading the pack, and the rest of the top 100 is filled with websites owned by those who produce the rankings.

Sports Are Still Popular

Despite the changing trends in the world, sports remain one of the most popular categories on Google. It seems that people still have an interest in multiple leagues, with 14% of the top 100 related to sports. The NBA is the most popular of the group, ranked at number 6 worldwide, with the NFL closely behind at number 9. Other basketball-related keywords like “lakers” and “nba scores” also make the top 100, joined by “ufc” at #41 and “premier league” at #48.

Google’s Most Popular Search Trends in 2024 in the US

The US market always presents a plethora of interesting information about search trends in North America. Let’s analyze the leading keywords and see what they tell us about the consumers.

# Search Terms Average monthly search volume Traffic Leader
1 weather 83,560,180 weather.com
2 youtube 71,303,520 youtube.com
3 amazon 58,305,910 amazon.com
4 facebook 52,940,960 facebook.com
5 pornhub 51,660,030 pornhub.com
6 nba 43,424,540 nba.com
7 wordle 26,417,340 nytimes.com
8 gmail 26,318,600 google.com
9 nfl 24,395,910 nfl.com
10 walmart 21,333,430 walmart.com

Here are a few takes we got from the top 10, as well as the rest of the top 100 most popular search trends in the US.

The US Is Specific About Their Sports

Looking at the worldwide list, you’ll notice both the NBA, NFL, Formula 1, UFC, and other sports competitions make the cut. However, when it comes to the US market, the data proves that the public remains loyal to their national sports. Naturally, “nba” and “nfl” keywords are both in the top 10.

The Americans Care About Weather More Than YouTube

Though “youtube” leads most of the most searched lists, it only gets the #2 spot in the US. Instead, “weather” is at the top of the list, with 83.5 million total searches per month and an increase in the recent period.

You Should Localize Your Search

Though the top 10 list doesn’t reflect the importance of adding “near me” to your search, checking out the top 100 proves otherwise. Keywords “food near me,” “walmart near me,” and “restaurants near me” are all in the selected group and show us how important it is to localize your search if you’re a consumer and take care of your Google My Business profile if you’re a business owner.

No One Trumps Trump

No matter if you love him or not, you have to admit that Donald Trump knows how to get attention. And, with 7.2 million searches for his name every month, that’s proven quite easily, making him the most searched person in the United States.

Google’s Most Popular Search Trends in 2024 in the UK

Let’s not forget about the UK market, another very important piece of building a Google presence.

# Search Terms Average monthly search volume Traffic Leader
1 weather 18,657,900 metoffice.gov.uk
2 bbc news 17,313,560 bbc.co.uk
3 youtube 16,256,110 youtube.com
4 facebook 12,689,730 facebook.com
5 pornhub 10,602,700 pornhub.com
6 amazon 8,332,200 amazon.co.uk
7 gmail 7,567,810 google.com
8 premier league 7,296,620 youtube.com
9 amazon uk 6,651,310 amazon.co.uk
10 wordle 6,396,750 nytimes.com

Let’s see what this list tells us, and if the rest of the top 100 list includes any insights.

Weather Is Just as Important in the UK

We’ve seen that Americans are obsessed with weather, but the same goes for Google users in the UK. The keyword “weather” remains in the leading spot with about 18.7 million searches each month.

BBC Leads Multiple Terms

These lists have proven that nowadays, BBC is the traffic leader for multiple search terms. In fact, with eight ranked keywords, they top Wikipedia and all other news sites, making them the authority for both news and sports updates. 

Timing Matters

If you pay close attention to this year’s leaders and the list from last year, you’ll notice that some search trends have come and gone. However, during the time that they were trending, these keywords brought in quite a bit of traffic. So, timely news and searches shouldn’t be overlooked, as they gain a lot of interest in a limited time.

Arsenal Is Trending

The Gunners have been doing pretty well the past few seasons, and the rise in their popularity has been growing. The “premier league” keyword is still in the top 10 in the UK, and the best-ranked club on Google is currently none other than Arsenal. If they manage to win the PL trophy, we’ll likely see this trend continue next year.

Don’t Forget to Learn From Data Analysis

Though checking out popular Google search trends may seem like an interesting way to pass the time, it is more than that. If you’re a business owner, pay close attention to what people are looking for at the moment. This type of information can help you create your business plan, adapt your marketing approach, and more. Make sure you’re aware of the data and what insight it provides if you wish to be on the list of the most popular search trends on Google.

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