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Among all the important aspects of creating quality content for your site, proofreading can often be overlooked. However, providing a consistent message through all of your outlets is equally important. Of course, ensuring that no typos or silly mistakes show up on the live page can help you make the right first impression on your clients and customers.

With Content Lab, finding trustworthy proofreading services online is now easier than ever. With our first-class writing review and writing improvement services, you can expect to receive top-quality content at very reasonable rates. 

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Our online proofreading services will ensure that your marketing material, website content, social media posts, blog posts and emails are error-free. No matter how small or large a piece of written content is, our professional proofreaders run quality control checks for accuracy before it goes into production.

Our goal is to establish that the structure makes sense, the narrative flows, all crucial details are included, the word count is maintained, the style guide is adhered to and that the end product is attractive and appealing to your audience.

Our Proofreading and Editing Services Include:

Ensuring that any spelling errors are corrected

Confirming that all punctuation is used appropriately

Removing errors with written feedback

Highlighting all edits to make your reviews easier

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    Content Lab has been extraordinary at providing everything we need - from articles for link building, evergreen content and localised translations. They always deliver on time and all the content is proofread beforehand. Everything is just so easy and we couldn't recommend them more!
    Leo Walton
    Operations Manager
    We absolutely love the platform - it's easy to use and manages everything all in one place. When we have tight deadlines the team at Content Lab always delivers, which helps us a lot. I don't know what we'd do without the team now. Thanks for everything.
    Maria Pisani
    Head of SEO
    A great team, an easy process and reliable content services - what more could you want? Content Lab are incredible, definitely recommend!
    Keira Parry
    CEO and Founder